The Legends of Ansu

Epic Fantasy Series

Gray Wolf by J.W. Webb, fantasy writer, author of the Legends of Ansu Series

Gray Wolf

This wolf howls … Pirates killed his family. It’s time for payback. From bitter youth to seasoned warrior, follow Corin’s path of steel fury and vengeance.

Blood Feud by J.W. Webb, fantasy writer, author of the Legends of Ansu Series

Blood Feud

The Northman and the Ice Witch. She murdered his father and stole his kingdom. It’s time for legendary berserker, Jaran Saerk, to settle the score.

Dreamslayers by J.W. Webb, fantasy writer, author of the Legends of Ansu Series


He grubbed an existence in the dumps outside the city. She was born to wealth and lost it all. Both share one thing in common. They’re good at killing.

What the Readers Say

“A high-fantasy feast for fans of the genre. This spiraling tale unfurls with patience and deliberate grace, weaving the characters in and out of each other’s stories like a dance. Draftsmanship is a skill that is impossible to fake, and the architecture of this story is absolutely impressive. Given the quicksilver style of storytelling, penchant for exotic detail, epically engineered battle scenes, and the fearless sense of adventure embedded in these characters, any loyal Legend of Ansu fan will be thrilled with this latest adventure.”
“J.W. Webb weaves a masterful standalone fantasy with Dreamslayers. The prose is rich and vivid, bringing complex action scenes to life with ease, as well as tense conversations, mad dashes, and quiet stalks through the night. Painting scenes and casual world-building seem like second nature to Webb, as the novel feels steeped in epic history, extensive culture, and deeper messaging about the nature of good and evil. This complex fantasy is impressively layered, to say the least, resulting in a powerful installment of this original fantasy series.”

“Steeped in shadowy secrets, buried powers, and richly drawn villains, Blood Feud is the fantastic first book in a new trilogy of the Legends of Ansu saga by J.W. Webb. The lives of three unlikely heroes are thrown together to face a dark evil rising up from the past in this fast-paced and well-penned adventure. Webb’s ability to capture humor and organic speech is remarkable. Jaran is blunt but funny, Finvar is cryptic and manipulative, Savarna is fearless and determined, and Sheega is the deadly shadow that hangs over these pages, casting an ominous gloom to the tone.”

“Facing down and evading death in a dozen different ways, this unpredictable protagonist is an excellent center point for this new series, one that delivers in the way that good fantasy should. The military campaigns and pounding action sequences keep the story moving quickly, as does the rapid passage of time in the prose. Gray Wolf is an engaging work of fantasy that sets the stage well for a much longer saga, and the momentum of this first installment bodes well for the rest of this sword-swinging series.”
“As was the case in the first two books, the Nordic influence on the history, language, and environment gives the story a Game of Thrones feel, as well as an air of mysticism and mythology. With subtle echoes of Beowulf’s legendary foes, the questing spirit of Robert Jordan, and the epic battle-crafting of Tolkien, Webb draws from the masters, but has plenty of his own tricks.”
“This is a classic sword and sorcery fantasy tale, with murky pasts and gruff characters, sharp dialogue and gritty, occasionally gruesome action scenes. With an air of R.A. Salvatore, the prose drips with visceral imagery and descriptions, complimenting the deep world-building Webb has laid the foundations for in his previous Ansu novels. The creativity embedded in every aspect is impossible to deny; even the basics of the world, its history and magical mechanisms have few parallels in the genre.”

Travel through

the History of Ansu

Want to know which books to read first? Visit the Timeline here and read the entire history of Ansu from the beginning of days to the ultimate war of the gods. Learn more about the myth and magic of this dynamic world as you trawl through the events including: the dawn of Ansu, the Firstborn’s Rebellion against the Weaver, the rise and fall of Zorne and destruction of the continent, Gol, by the sea god. The Age of Sorcery, The Crystal Wars, the Aralais/Urgolais wars, the Happening and the continuing strife against the Shadowman’s world-eating Orb.

Voyage into

the Land of Ansu

Journey through the realms of Ansu and know exactly where each story enfolds. Follow mercenary, Corin an Fol’s sword-trek from wave-lashed Finnehalle through the Crystal Kingdoms to the Permio Deserts. Fight Sheega, the Ice-witch with berserker Jaran Saerk in the frozen realms of Dunnehine and Hragglund. Journey with hell-cat assassin Arraleen Caze through the murderous wastes of Dalcia, avoiding ambush as you cross the deadly forests of Yamondo and Vendel. Sail the Starlight Wanderer with rebel Queen Ariane of the Swords as you escape the Pirate Prince of Crenna. Study these beautiful bespoke charts by cartographer: Francesca Baerald, and fantasy artists, Roger & Linda Garland.

Walk the Halls

Of the Ansu Museum

Enter a bewitching maze of myth and magic, where imagination has no bounds. Soak deep in an atmosphere where dreams come to life and anything is possible. Explore the moods and vibes of Ansu by visiting our stunning art page. A world where sorcery and treachery greet cold steel. A realm of complex beings, each caught in the subtle betraying web of fate. These stunning images include evocative posters and individual bespoke sketches of characters in the series created by the late J.R.R. Tolkien artist, Roger Garland.

Meet the

Weaver of Tales

For me, nothing compares with the joyous release fantasy tales award the reader, helping them escape the norm. New realms, magic, heroism—how anything can happen. As a child, confused adults found me loitering by the lamppost in CS Lewis’s Narnia, or else hanging out with my best pal Strider in Bree.

My passion for magical stories was arc-welded to a merciless imagination, forcing me to scribble misadventures badly with a biro. That drunken spider-crawl of words became the legends of Ansu Series. Since then, I’ve gone backwards and forwards in time. You can do that in this genre. – J.W. Webb