The Weaver


The High Gods

Cul-Saan: First Born, Old Night, the Shadowman.
Elanion: The Guardian, The Emerald Queen, Scaffa, Laniol.
Oroonin: The Wanderer, the Traveler, Gurn, the Ferryman, Irulan, Macroft.
Borian of the Winds
Telcanna the Sky God
Croagon the Smith
Sensuata Sea God, aka Zansuat.


Lesser Gods

Crun Earth Shatterer: a chaos giant
Undeyna: aka Sheega the Ice Witch
Simiolanis: her twin sister.
Argonwui the Hunter, Poor Aggy, Agarra the Destroyer, banished and vanished the youngest daughter of Elanion and Oroonin.


The Fates

Urdei: Past
Vervandi: Present
Scolde: Future


The Northern Gods

The Traveler
Tyho the War God
Kullaan the Wind God, His twin brother.
Lofhi the Cruel


Peoples of Ansu

The Faen: original inhabitants of Ansu who served the Goddess Elanion.
Dark Faen: those Faen who turned against Elanion because they hated mortals and served Undeyna instead.
The Aralais: The Golden Ones, proud warrior-wizards who arrived from a distant time and place, seeking to continue their age long war with the Urgolais.
The Urgolais: Lore-wise cousins to the Aralais and immortal wizards from a distant galaxy
The Elementals: A race of exiled bodiless Faen who dwelt in Gol
Soilfins: flying goblins who served Cul-Saan.
Groil: Urgolais foot soldiers and flesh eaters fashioned by sorcery in their likeness.
Aikashi: Djinn. Savage demon spirits who once inhabited Shen. Most were driven out, but some survived.


Faerie Realms

Telimantua: home of Sensuata and His Consort/Daughter, Rann beneath the Oceans
Yffarn: the Underworld



Urdheim: Land of the Stone Giants
Swartzheim: The Dwarfs’ Realm.
Aelfheim: Home of the elves.


Limbo and the Void

The Chaos Realms. An endless nothing from where the steel Grogans, the Kaa, and Vaarg the dragon came to punish the nine worlds, and where Argonwui lived as punishment.