Characters in The Crystal Crown Trilogy

Corin an Fol

Six of the Legends feature Corin an Fol. The Mercenary Trilogy tells of his years serving in the Wolf Regiment and Silon the Merchant, mostly in Permio. The following three books (The Crystal Crown Trilogy) tell of Corin’s part in the war with Caswallon, the Sorcerer. A man of mystery. On the surface, he appears a moody, distant character. With thuggish tendencies and bad temper. Deep inside, he’s a good person. That side of his character develops in his [...]


Queen of Kelwyn. First appears in The Mercenary Trilogy but stars as one of the principal characters of the Crystal Crown Trilogy. Ariane is headstrong and passionate. A leader. Known for her impatience and abrupt manner. Trained to fight by the king’s guard. Foul-mouthed, she’s courageous but impulsive. Also has a stubborn streak like her father, King Nogel. Ariane is one of the few people to stand up to Caswallon the Sorcerer.


Barin of Valkador is a household name in Ansu. A renown voyager in his later years and the Jarle of the island king, Valkador. A proud Northman who loves his wife and two daughters but spends most of his time at sea. His ship––the Starlight Wanderer––is key in saving Ariane from Crenna and plays a big part in the war against Caswallon. Barin is mostly a cheerful soul. Huge and strong, a champion arm wrestler and ferocious drinker. His best [...]


As a boy, Cale crept out from the slums of Kelthara. He’s a rogue and vagabond thief with a good heart. Has a glib tongue and adores Ariane who adopts him as a stray. Later, he becomes more or less respectable and takes part in the war against Caswallon. After the Happening, adult Cale serves the new High King as Captain of Guard at Car Carranis.

Rael Hakkenon

Rael started out as a violent gang leader and smuggler in Crenna. Eventually caught and tortured and maimed by the island’s ruler, he escapes and wreaks a terrible revenge on his enemy. He usurps Crenna and soon gets a name as the most feared Pirate Prince in the west. He allies with Caswallon and acts as his hatchet man. Rumors abound he handled the High King’s murder. Rael’s real identity lies hidden. Sometimes goes by the pseudonym Keel. [...]


Also known as the Lost prince. Son of Kelsalion, the murdered High King. Gets hoodwinked by Caswallon and used as his instrument to usurp the throne. Flees with the shards of the Shattered Crown––the event which sets the spark ablaze in the war with Caswallon. Tarin’s resentful and culpable. Corin detests him. Later, he tries to make up for failings.

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