Characters in The Journeyman Trilogy


Ariane’s chosen captain. Former sergeant in the Bear Regiment. The Journeyman. Garland gets tasked with finding Tamersane, the queen’s missing cousin. His journey takes him far into the unknown realms across the great steppes. He soon becomes enmeshed in a maze of sorcery and war, surrounding an ancient foe and the legendary bow, Kerasheva. Garland is stalwart, strong and dependable. But he’s no longer young, and the task weighs heavily on him. Also known as Sir Garland and the Journeyman. [...]


Also known as Tam. Joking charmer turned bitter soak. Loved by Teret. Served in the war with Caswallon. A friend of Corin. Tam’s cheerful character changes after killing his treacherous brother. He works as a spy for Ariane in the east after the war, moving to dangerous Ptarni with his lover, Teret. He seeks solace with the poppy. When Teret gets abducted by an old enemy, Tam has to ditch his debauched ways and reclaim his honor. [...]


Proud Rorshai. This Kaan’s daughter is tough and resourceful. She loves Tamersane but worries that she will lose him after they move to Ptarni. After being abducted and escaping, she discovers she has a key part in the fight against the witches who have stolen Kerasheva. She becomes a friend of the lost sailor, Carlo Sarfe.

Dunrae Tarn

Doomed champion. Jynn’s bagman. The Avenger. Dunrae’s tale is old. He and his friend Sir Valen fought in the Chaos Wars and, as mercenaries, committed atrocities. At the end of that war, they got a choice. Redeem your souls and work as a champion for Jynn the Weaver’s eye. Dunrae accepted, whereas Sir Valen stayed with the servants of Old Night. After that, they became the bitterest enemies.


Urgolais warlock and canny trickster. Zorc is a relic from a former time. One of the hated Urgolais warlocks almost destroyed in the ruinous war with their golden brethren, the Aralais. Zorc survived and readdresses some myths surrounding his people and why they’re so despised. He joins Garland and Dunrae Tarn in their fight to reclaim the missing the bow. Zorc’s knowledge of dark sorcery proves invaluable against the servants of Graywash Hall.


The former Tseole horse-thief becomes Tam’s friend. Stogi has a wry sense of humor and accepts most things as fate. He loves Tai Pei who doesn’t seem to like him. He hates water and finds himself stuck in the middle of the ocean. Stogi plays a key part in the struggle against the master of Graywash Hall.

Tai Pei

Freed from the mines, this slave and former scion of the once exalted House Vayn is an unaccomplished warrior. Tai Pei carries a kariya––a slim Jian type sword that only Shen assassin may use. She plays a key part in the last events after the attack on Graywash Hall. Despite what he thinks, she is fond of Stogi. Tai Pei also possesses some basic sorcery skills and had schooling in the alchemy arts at House Zayn academy. [...]


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