Dawn of Ages

First War of the Gods.

First born, Saan and his younger siblings rebel against their father, the Maker / Weaver. The Weaver crushes their rebellion but forgives his children.

Second War of the Gods.

Saan rebels again. This time, only the goddess Undeyna and giant Crun side with him. Saan spawns and raises an army of demons laying siege to the heavens.

Age of Conflict

War rages throughout the Multiverse. Wrathful, the Weaver diverts the Dance, creating worlds elsewhere. At the edge of ruin, he and his loyal children overcome the rebels. In retribution, the Weaver orders Saan’s body dismembered and head stowed under a jungle mountain in Yamondo, Ansu. From this time, Saan gets branded Cul–Saan the Overproud and Old Night––Prince of Chaos. The Maker resumes the Worlds-Dance, moving on across the universe. The loyal high gods acting as his stewards chain Crun to a rock at sea, but Undeyna they forgive, dazzled by her guileful beauty.

Age of Expansion

Ansu proclaimed first world by the Weaver. During this time, he crosses to different parts of the Multiverse, trusting his wisest children to rule Ansu and the other nine original planets.

A flaw appears in the Making. A crack opens in Limbo, allowing the dragon, Vaarg, and the demon spawn Kaa and Grogans to creep closer. The Weaver seals the crack, locking out the Void.

Combatting wizard-races, the Aralais and Urgolais first arrive in Ansu from a distant galaxy.
Aralais expansion forces the native Faen into the forest realms.

The Goddess Elanion becomes Ansu’s Guardian and lives in the Forest of Dreams. The Faen join her as beloved servants.

Newcomers Humans gifted realms in Ansu

Croagon the Smith-God by Roger Garland
Borian of the Winds by Roger Garland
long sword

Age of Sorcery

Annals of Xenn

YEAR 1: Ancient records start with the founding of Zorne on the Great Continent as humanity’s first civilization. About this time, people also settle in Rundali, Laregoza and Vendel.

The Aikashi break off from the other Faen and settle in Shen.

YEARS 10–304: Supremacy of Zorne. Aralais/Zorne Alliance. Rise of the alchemists of Zorne City.

YEAR 303: The Song of Argonwui and Eltayn. First appearance of Agarra the Destroyer. Argonwui punished and sent to Limbo.

YEAR 303: Xandor’s Rebellion

YEAR 304: End of Zorne Supremacy.

YEAR 307: Birth of Xandorian Empire.

YEAR 308: Battle of Xenn. Xandor the Merciless crushes the last of his enemies in Xenn City.

YEAR 400: Commencement of the Aralais/Urgo wars in the east.

YEARS 400-500: Height of Aralais power. The Aralais construct cities in the Crystal Lands. Arallos the Golden leads many of his people south to mine the Crystal Mountains with help from Croagon the Smith. The Tekara––crystal crown––and Callanak––crystal sword––forged beneath the mountains alongside other artefacts.

Morak the Urgolais witch-lord crafts the dark spear Golganak to counter the Aralais’ crystal weapons.

YEAR 454: Torro the Conqueror, Xandor’s great grandson and fourth emperor of Xandoria invades Zorne.

Supremacy of Xandoria. Emperor Torro rules the Great Continent, and his army seizes lands in Shen and Laregoza.

YEAR 456: A group of outlawed mages build and settle in the Citadel on Alchemists Isle.

YEAR 537: Casmadion Revolt. Height of rivalry between Undeyna and Simiolanis. Undeyna flees the heavens after stabbing her sister. She evades capture and settles in Darkvale. Some Faen join her and become the Dark Faen serving her uncle Old Night.

YEAR 538: Casmadion the Gladiator leads his rebel army east and settles in the wilderness known as Gol. His shamans drive the native Elementals into the wild, angering the Sea God, Zansuat/Sensuata, who gifted them that continent in pre-historic times.

Prophecy of Gol parchment discovered by an unknown scribe in Rakeel Castle.

long sword

Rise of Gol

YEAR 540: Casmadion I crowned first king of Gol

YEAR 833: Flaminius III, the last king killed by barons led by Eon Barola in The Rebellion

Gol: Dawn of Legends

YEAR 848: Erun Cade journeys to Scaffa’s Isle, Lissane Barola wedded to Valentin Gallante. Mariner Carlo Sarfe sets sail from Gol on the Arabella to discover distant lands.

YEAR 849: The Forsaken Year/Year of the Prophecy. Ashmali the Fire Elemental destroys the Great Continent and moves on to Gol. Death of Lissane. Sea God, Zansuat, rises and destroys Ashmali by drowning Gol. Erun Cade––now Kell the Storm––flees with three ships arriving in the Aralais Realms.

long sword

Age of Legends

The Crystal Calendar: Compiled in Wynais

YEAR 1: Annals of Wynais. Kell the Storm gifted the magical Tekara after aiding the Aralais in the ultimate battle with their Urgolais foe. He becomes the first High King of the Four Kingdoms: Kelthaine, Kelwyn, Kaelin, and Morwella.

YEAR 7: Kael of Sarfania founds Kaelin, changes its name to Raleen after the death of his beloved daughter.

YEAR 222: First Jade Emperor overcomes the Aikashi and forms the Shen Empire in the east.

YEAR 370: Callanak lost in Laras Lassladen.

YEARS 443-469: First Permian War. Reign of the Cloud Sultans.

YEARS 961-985: Second Permian War.

YEARS 982-986: Corin an Fol serves in the Wolf Regiment, and later as a mercenary for Silon the Raleenian spy master in the desert and Cappel Cormac, Permio.

The Mercenary trilogy: Gray Wolf, Legends of the Longsword, Wolves and Assassins.

The Mercenary Trilogy by J.W. Webb

The Mercenary Trilogy

YEAR 987: Caswallon the High King’s councilor plots Kelsalion III’s murder with help from the Lord Assassin, Real Hakkenon. Caswallon seeks aid from the surviving Urgolais warlocks under Morak. The Tekara shattered by sorcery and Caswallon’s treachery. He usurps the throne and duped Prince Tarin flees with the shards.

YEAR 988: Queen Ariane of Kelwyn quests for the Shattered Crown and the lost Prince. Corin returns to Finnehalle in Fol, where Silon persuades him to help the queen against Caswallon. Northman and adventurer, Barin of Valkador, arrives in Finnehalle and joins the fight against Caswallon and Pirate Prince, Rael of Crenna.

YEAR 989: The Crystal Wars. Including: The War against Caswallon the Usurper, The Third Permian War, The First Ptarnian War, The Third War of the Gods.

The Crystal Crown Trilogy: The Shattered Crown, The Lost Prince, The Glass Throne.

The Crystal Crown Trilogy by J.W. Webb

The Crystal Crown Trilogy

The Happening

the gods destroy each other outside Wynais City.

YEAR 991: Corin I crowned as first Crystal King.

YEAR 997: Garland the Journeyman heads east at Ariane’s bequest to seek Lord Tamersane, her missing cousin, and disappears in Ptarni.

YEARS 998-1001: Ariane’s Quest to recover the Goddess’s Bow, Kerasheva stolen from the Emerald Queen by the thief, Keel. First recorded appearance of the phenomena known as Graywash Hall.

The Journeyman Trilogy: The Emerald Queen, The Voyage of Carlo Sarfe, The Sea God’s Woman.

Rise of the Kaa Raiders. Garland’s Return. Time of Heroes. The Journeyman. Legend of Dunrae Tarn. The Chaos Wars against the Shadowman’s Orb and his servants, the Grogans and Kaa. Exiled goddess Argonwui escapes from Limbo and reclaims the Emerald Bow.

The Journeyman Trilogy by J. W. Webb

The Journeyman Trilogy

YEAR 999: Second Ptarnian War.

YEAR 1107: Third Ptarnian War.

YEAR 1503: Shen invades Ptarni.

YEAR 1504: Shen invaders defeated by Ptarnians.

YEAR 1507: First of the ongoing River Wars between Shen and Ptarni/Cardalan.

YEAR 1709: Former gladiator Carda raises an army and overthrows the Ptarnian Mad-God Emperors.

YEAR 1710: Carda founds the republic of Cardalan and becomes its first Ran.

YEAR 1723: Second River War begins.

YEAR 1740: First Northmen join the Shen army as auxiliaries against Cardalan.

YEAR 1800: Dol-Tar the first Sapphire Emperor establishes the Sapphire Guard made up of loyal Northmen.

YEAR 2003: Sheega the Ice Witch arrives in Valkador and kills Jarle Hrund and his son Hrelgi. The mysterious Traveler saves Hrelgi’s wife, Bera, and their baby, Jaran.

YEAR 2019: Boy Jaran savaged by a white bear in Leeth.

YEAR 2020: Jaran journeys east to Shen and enlists in the Sapphire Guard. Rasnei Cai-Ti Shen becomes the first Sapphire Empress.

The Berserker Trilogy: Blood Feud, The Giants’ Dance, Shadow of the White Bear.

The Berserker Trilogy by J.W. Webb

The Berserker Trilogy

YEAR 2032: Jaran Saerk––berserker––learns of his father’s death in Valkador. Ran Calla invades Shen with help from the treacherous magister, Chulan and his assassin Gujun the Slayer.

YEAR 2033: Jaran Saerk kills the sorceress Sheega. Jaran and his partner, Tiger-Aikashi Savarna of Rundali, purge Valkador of Sheega’s stain. Ran Calla murdered by his son Casca outside Ta Shen.

Siege of Ta Shen. Vendeli Sangala and Chulan’s treachery and defeat. Death of Rasnei. Shen victory.

Lin Gu named first Violet Emperor. Ran Genza, Calla’s only surviving son, becomes supreme ruler in Cardalis. Vian Eltayn––Savarna’s brother, and Dragon-Aikashi––seeks the legendary bow, Kerasheva, to free Rasnei, his lover’s murdered soul.

YEAR 2034: Gujun the Slayer, having escaped Ta Shen as an outlaw, seeks the renegade spy master Tulomon Caze in Vendel. Assassin Arraleen Caze learns of her father’s plight and sets out after Gujun. Assassination of Vendeli Yanturi––ruler.

The Slayer Trilogy: Dreamslayers, Dealers in Death, Midnight Slayer.

Cordeel, Arraleen Caze’s brother, crowned Yanturi in Vendel. Cordeel raises the undead Sangala sorcerers against Yamondo. King Ulani III of Yamondo declares official war against Vendel.

YEAR 2036: Year of the Panther Queen.

YEAR 2037: Second Shen Cardalan War

The Slayer Trilogy by J. W. Webb

The Slayer Trilogy