J.W. Webb

Fantasy Author

I was born in England and attended school in a place called Battle—the same spot where King Harold got shot in the eye back in 1066, though not so long ago. As a boy, I was a BIG reader and spent dreamy days in Middle Earth and Earthsea and any other fantasy world I could explore. Anything to avoid chores. This habitual dream-shirking resulted in a reckless and random imagination and passion for storytelling.

I served in the Queen’s Guards, worked as a scaffolder in London, and a crane trucker hauling lumber and steel and general stuff around the UK. It all went pear-shaped when I stumbled across Microsoft Word with two fat digits and started writing the Legends of Ansu. A series of sparky fantasy tales surrounding miscreants and hellcats who roughed up the author and stole the script. I wrenched it back and hot-wired tales of myth and mystery with gritty, foul-mouthed characters you’d meet in an alley in the worst part of town late at night.

The series split into four threads. Not sure how that happened. Corin stomps through the first six books with his oversized blade. Shortly after he’s done, Garland the Journeyman clears up the mess left behind. That process takes three books. Next up, berserker, Jaran Saerk explodes into vengeful action—resulting in another three books. Once he’s done and the few survivors crawl out, one forms his own spin-off and co-stars in the Slayer Trilogy. Going back in the other direction lies Gol, the series prequel, soon to be a four-book introduction to the growing world. Yes, dear reader—there is no end in sight …

More about me, you ask? British bloke. 70s music fan. I used to practice martial arts and sail tall ships and once hitched from Alaska to Key West on a quest for cold beer. These days I prefer growing peppers and a little light yoga. Having survived this long against all odds, I’m fortunate to enjoy life on a farm in NW Georgia with wife Code-Name Mindy, five pets, and a host of other critters.

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