The Weaver/Maker weaved the World-Thread. Ansu was the first world, beloved and gifted by his children, the High Gods. Home of Oroonin and Elanion before they fell out.

The First Born, Saan, persuaded his siblings that the Weaver was negligent of their needs, having moved on to create other galaxies. Saan led a rebellion against the Maker of Worlds. Crushed by the Weaver, who although angered, forgave his wayward children, and moved on to fashion yet more worlds in his timeless Dance.

Most of the gods pleaded mercy, ashamed of their rebellion, but Saan was vengeful, deeming himself ill-treated and forgotten. He raised an army of acolytes and started a second rebellion. This time, the other gods sided with the Weaver against Cul-Saan as they named him, meaning the Overproud. But Crun Earthshatterer and Undeyna of the Shadows sided with Saan.

Again, the rebels were defeated. This time the Maker was wrathful. Undeyna escaped to weave a web of protection around herself in Darkvale, a forgotten forest in Ansu’s midst. Crun they chained to an island that shifted through the five dimensions. Cul-Saan they branded Old Night and punished severely, his limbs dismembered and head struck off. Each body part hidden and guarded by demons in a separate world; the head in Ansu, beneath a fiery mountain.

But the stain that seeped out as Saan’s blood caused a canker that spread throughout Ansu, and evil rose again. About that time, the Aralais and Urgolais voyagers arrived in Ansu from distant worlds. Ancient rivals, the Aralais, were proud, and their enemy/kin envious and sly. The Urgolais were great miners and, delving, got trapped by Saan’s stain. Thus, they became evil and his slaves, but also learned much dark lore as powerful sorcerers. The Aralais, known as the Golden Ones, fought their hideous kin for three thousand years. That war ended abruptly with both races exhausted, and culminated with the timely arrival of the mortal hero Kell from the recent fall of Gol. A cursed continent long claimed by the Sea God, Sensuata.

After falling out with her Husband/Brother Oroonin, Elanion became Guardian of Ansu. She settled in the Forest of Dreams and warded the lands against any Urgolais survivors and her daughter Undeyna. Hiding in Darkvale after murdering her sister Simiolanis, out of jealous spite, thus earning the eternal animosity of Elanion. Her third daughter––Argonwui––a fierce hunter and mischievous spirit, defied her parents by taking a mortal lover. He soon perished, and they punished Argonwui with banishment beyond the Void. In her vengeful rage, she became Agarra the Destroyer and plotted a return to Ansu.

Elanion gathered the Faen––Ansu’s original occupants––around her. Undeyna followed suit and lured those Faen drawn to Saan’s shadow. These became known as the Dark Faen. Meanwhile, the stain of Old Night filtered into the kingdoms of men. The Maker having introduced this new race to Ansu—much to the High Gods and other beings dismay and chagrin.

Humanity thrived, and the age of Faerie and the gods dwindled into twilight. But some were vengeful. A mortal wizard, Caswallon conjured long-dead Urgolais spirits up from Yffarn––underworld. These he bargained with and gained great power, murdering the High King and usurping his throne. An action that resulted in a third and final war of the gods. The Urgolais leader, Morak, brandished the soul-draining spear Golganak and used the fell weapon to raise the damaged shade of Old Night. Thus, with an army of winged goblins called Soilfins. The dragon Vaarg. And the Groil––flesh-eating creatures resembling their Urgo masters. Caswallon’s powerful allies sought to take back Ansu.

Rebel queen, Ariane and mercenary Corin an Fol led an army against Caswallon. Aided by some gods, Corin would become the High King. He’d almost drowned in a shipwreck as a babe, and not knowing his father was the High King’s brother, and himself heir to the throne. Caswallon’s treachery shattered the Tekara––the sacred Crystal Crown. Evil returned to the Four Kingdoms. After recovering the crown’s shards in Permio, Corin requested the blind Smith God, Croagon, to re-forge the Tekara. With this done, he joined the war and sought Callanak, the hallowed sword of truth, on Laras Lassladen where Elanion dwelt when she wasn’t in Ansu. With Callanak and the crown re-forged. Corin, Ariane, and their allies could face their enemies. Mortal warriors from Permio and Ptarni, and the dark forces waking under the shadow of Old Night, who men called the Shadowman. A last battle took place outside the city of Kelthara. Queen Ariane witnessed the gods destroy each other in the Happening.

Old Night was no more, but his shadow lived on as a ruined castle called Graywash Hall. His Orb––dark soul––worked an evil thread drawing in new villains, including the Grogans and Kaa from the far reaches of the galaxy. The emerald bow––Kerasheva––got stolen twice and used by the Orb’s servants to lure Elanion and Oroonin to their deaths. Undeyna escaped in the confusion and turned up as the Ice witch Sheega, first in Dunnehine and later in Valkador. Elanion and Oroonin eloped to Galenki, a nearby planet where they quarreled and plotted, until the Orb caught up with them. Most of the other High Gods perished, but some new ones arrived in Ansu and became know as the New Gods or Northern Gods. These fell out frequently. A new war erupted between Sheega, Faerie, and the servants of Chaos. Versus the Traveler––Oroonin––The Emerald Queen––Elanion, and a mortal berserker called Jaran Saerk. It is said that during this time Argonwui returned as Agarra and claimed the emerald bow, which had been hers. Legend states that she sided with her parents, finally forgiving them and helped to defeat the Orb in the last great battle. But since those distant days, the world has moved on and no accurate reports of that outcome remain.

**Above script copied from the archives of Gustene, head scribe of Wynais. **