The Rise Of The Audio Book

I love books, always have. Logical that for a writer, I suppose. But recently I’ve found less time for reading. There are so many distractions these days. Everyone is busy, moving around, the phone buzzing, emails pinging, apps updating, new shows on Netflix––always something else tugging your sleeve for attention when you reach for that kindle. Not to mention the demon cat swinging from the Christmas tree. Yes, it’s that time of year again!

We live in an age built entirely for multi-tasking. As a late-middle-aged fat bloke, it’s a challenge concentrating on so many moving targets. But here’s the thing. I started to listen to audiotapes late last century while hauling trucks willy-nilly around jolly old England, back when red phone booths studded the lanes, and Brexit was just the name of someone’s yellow labrador. Loved the experience, – though those tapes unraveled a lot, back then.

But Audio is bigger and far better these days. A media that serves us well in these hectic times. Even I can multi-task while listening to the latest Bernard Cornwall or Brandon Sanderson. I mean, it’s kinda easy to drink beer, fuss the dog’s ears and listen. Right? And then there’s the whole traveling thing ––bleak winter trips through roadworks and traffic, Kids yelling in your ear–– whether commuting or visiting for the Holidays. Or else waiting at the airport as the plane’s delayed yet again. Simply shove the plugs in your ears and move on to the next chapter, even as you walk the isles perusing for yet another crap gift from the airport lounge.

The Voice of The Warrior

As an author, I soon realized I was missing out. My readers might be pushed for time too. How to help? Answer: Get your novels out on Audio! I wondered about self narrating, but decided that would prove arduous as anal dentistry. Instead, I opted for Audible-ACX, and through those guys found a great narrator in Andrew McDermott, whose soft Irish brogue works so well for the fantasy genre.

And now Corin an Fol has a voice! Kind of a gravelly growl not dissimilar to Chris Hemsworth in Snow White and the Huntsman. The audio vibe has opened a new dimension which left me thinking. Why didn’t I do this before? No matter. All the Ansu books will be on Audible soon, The Haven too. There are currently FIVE LIVE, and I still have promo codes for free listens for all of them. So if you’d like one, let me know.

Cursed by a Witch: A Quick Peep At 2020

Changing lanes quickly here ... The new decade will see the start of a sparkling new trilogy fusing the dark vibes of Norse/Celtic myths with an intricate plot set 1000 years after the last novel in the Legends of Ansu series.

Blood feud takes place in the frozen north. Jaran Saerk, an exiled Northman seeks revenge on the witch that stole his home and slew his kinfolk. I’ll be talking much more about this next year.

But for now, I’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Who knows maybe Santa has some audiobooks stuffed in his sack this year.

Thanks for reading!