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Charting A New Course With The Same Dodgy Crew …

Breaking dimensions with good intentions During the last eighteen months we've been lashed to the mast in a Force Niner, the wind howling and rain soaking. An exaggeration ... oh, sure. This geezer's a fantasy writer. Suffice to say, it's been a tad grim. :) But bad storms, like gallstones, pass. We're climbing back out into the sunshine like a blinking, yawning prairie dog who got lost in his own tunnels. It happens - ask my cat. All that dark [...]

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Music & the Muse – Reflections in the Misty Waters

Glancing back First up, apologies for the long gap! It's been over a year since last I scribbled random thoughts on this blog. There are reasons. 2022 was not kind to us, and I'll not delve into that here. But the power of positivity shines through if one allows. And as Mercury spins retro this New Year, it seems a good time to focus on inspirations looking forward and back. Love will always shine through, even in the darkest of [...]

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Snowflakes and Swordplay

How's your Christmas week been? Hope you had a good one! Not very yule like here in Georgia. Storms raging outside, rain drenching fields, lightning blazing silver through the gloom. Booming thunder, pets scurrying nervously under the bed. Ouch. A touch unseasonal, but hey - define normal during these tumultuous times. Here's a whimsical moment to lift you away from the hectic holidays whirl. A dream of snowflakes and swordplay. A ponder. Or a winter's wander, if you like. 'As [...]

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A Dance Through Dimensions

As Autumn waxes and leaves change hue, lifting away, beginning the tumble and dance in their drifting journey down from the trees. This writer's mood shifts to reflection. Time readies those trees for their long cold rest before Spring. Time ... the silent watcher who marks us every hour. What if there was no time? You've somehow slipped beyond its lore? How would that feel? Like freedom? Terror? You can't age when there's no time, but neither can you rest. [...]

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A Mood of Halloween

Have you ever walked past a dark space at midnight? A gaping hole in an empty building, or a shed or cattle store - the wind battering the steel roofs above, rain washing the cobwebby window panes? At such moments, it's easy to feel the darkness stir and manifest. As you pass, and pick up your pace, icy hands reach out hungrily. Your imagination senses someone waiting inside. But who's to say there isn't someone in there? Like the iceberg, [...]

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A Dance of Myth and Mayhem "The prose drips with visceral imagery and descriptions, complimenting the deep world-building Webb has laid the foundations for in his eight previous Ansu novels. The creativity embedded in every aspect of Blood Feud is impossible to deny; even the basics of the world, its history and magical mechanisms have few parallels in the genre. Webb has developed an immersive world within this Ansu saga, and this first book in a fresh trilogy bodes very well for all that is still to [...]

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February – cold and dry

Snowdrops winking sleepy under crac-creaky willow; lambs a-gambol in wind-lashed fields, and those first brave yellow daffodils  -waking up to promise of springtime after the long cold dark. The sap is rising, my friends: bleak winter in Cornwall shall soon relent his hold.It is a time of change.Change: that ever spinning wheel  - constant always shifting. What must those weary souls caught up in the Industrial Revolution have thought when they saw the first steam train rolling in? And the [...]

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The Haven – a tale to scare you witless

OK- a ghost story. Simple - or is it?.Primarily, make it scary and full of surprises, and then - set the backdrop somewhere local where people think: ( oh! I've been there and, well it did feel a bit creepy that afternoon, didn't it Nigel? Even if it didn't (and Nigel shakes his head,) Chinese whispers and auto-suggestion work wonders I find.The concept of course came from Rae, specifically two of her paintings - Maid of Haven and Anwyn, (we [...]

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Harbingers of Spring

They arrived yesterday my fledgling masterworks - shiny cling-wrapped harbingers of distant Spring. I'll illuminate: after so long beating against the winds of publishing/self-publishing, of launching eBooks and promoting manuscripts, it felt so good to feel the real deal in my grubby eager palms.Of course, there are only thirty - I didn't want to overdo it in a pre-launch, but after two years determined scribbling it's rewarding to see the finished product. Fall of Gol - first in a series [...]

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A writer’s journey

To explain this mad affliction I have to go back to the very beginning. You see, I grew up with trolls goblins and such - Tolkien's fault (oh, and Narnia - I lived in a world of magic from age 9 onwards, even a spell in the Guards couldn't drive it away completely.) But to create your own world? Pour life into wonderful and ghastly creatures - oh what sorcery is that! So a writer I had to be. Easy...? No.That [...]

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