Characters in The Berserker Trilogy

Jaran Saerk

Jaran is an exile from Valkador and serves in the Sapphire Guard, a renowned regiment of Northmen in the Shen army. He keeps himself to himself but is terrible when roused. A berserker, feared on the battlefield. Becomes a legend among his comrades. A loner. This all changes when he discovers a witch has stolen his inheritance and murdered his father.

Savarna Eltayn

Born of Rundali nobility, Savarna and her twin Vian are both gifted killers. After the fall and ruin of their house, she’s captured but escapes and eventually allies herself with Jaran Saerk against the Ice Witch Sheega. She becomes his lover. Fiercely determined, Savarna’s half Aikashi and possesses a tiger spirit. Like her brother, she’s easily recognised for her bright red hair.

Vian Eltayn

Whereas his sister is fierce and proud, Vian’s quieter. Calm and measured. But just as lethal. A mystic and musician. Also, half Aikashi. Dragon spirit. Vian’s love and loss of Empress Rasnei finds him traveling through the dimensions. A time shifter. He is one of the few characters to feature in most the books.

Finvar Droll

Renegade thief. Midnight Cutting Crew gang member and outlaw on the run. Scrawny conniver and wit. Finvar discovers he can fly, albeit badly. He convinces Jaran that he’s a friend and becomes an unwitting participant in the struggle against Sheega.


Son of Ran Calla. Youngest of nine Ragans (princes.) A lazy and violent ruler. Genza is the only son that stays in Cardalan, thus avoiding the disaster that claims his father and most of his brothers’ lives. Ambitious, cunning and cruel.

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