Snowdrops winking sleepy under crac-creaky willow; lambs a-gambol in wind-lashed fields, and those first brave yellow daffodils  -waking up to promise of springtime after the long cold dark. The sap is rising, my friends: bleak winter in Cornwall shall soon relent his hold.

It is a time of change.

Change: that ever spinning wheel  – constant always shifting. What must those weary souls caught up in the Industrial Revolution have thought when they saw the first steam train rolling in? And the garish french knights, so confident at Agincourt, when facing the first longbow storm – so much fine nobility brought down by so many lowly shafts?


 Man’s path is a journey both fraught and twisted – throughout history there have been leaps and gains, usually set amidst the backdrop of decadence and mediocrity. The genius of Da Vinci, and inspiration of Columbus were bright lights, both occluded the corruption of Medici and cruelty of Cesare Borgia. All were contemporary.

Nothing has changed. The wheel still turns. Or if it has stopped – then please let me know.

Back when I started writing the challenge was to create a good plot: usual suspects – empathic protagonist, love conquering hate,villains you just couldn’t wait to see dealt with – preferably nastily. Simple. It was called writing.

But now that mercurial beast Change is spinning her witchy-wheel once more. Social media: this blogging lark, forums (I have found a really good one incidentally – hello Raveneye,) are again the tide of shifting sands. For how can a writer write that masterpiece when she has to spend half the day/ week promoting her worthy cause?

 God’s only know the odds are stacked against us – but with all this other work too? I must own to Social media being a double edged sword. The pros are: your work is out there – everyone can say ‘ooh that’s wicked and smile’, and yes, you can shout about it through the virtual multiverse, (though it’s far better not to.) You can blog. post, chat, etc – etc – etc – But just when do you get the chance to write. I mean really write – feel the life ebbing from your favourite character as you rip his lungs out (just because it had to be done.)

I’m a communicator – I like the fact I can talk to you all, give and receive feedback. I also love the jibes and wit from my friends on facebook and twitter. But I can’t help but thinking – just how much writing would we get done – if we were not so busy writing about writing.

Just my thoughts my friends – be glad of comments. JW