Ok – so the Haven is done, subject to last minute tweaking after proofread. The story is succint and precise, bonding past with present and written in a modern upbeat style. The book is short – novella (perfect for kindle.) The script twists and turns frequently, and I think (and hope) will lure you, dear reader, until you are hooked. Certainly made a change writing contempory, and focussing on a spot I know just down the road – although ,discluding the towns, all place names are different – its a reflection of our own Cornwall really. Haven will most likely be associated with one place (for obvious reasons),but it could be anywhere on the north coast. I hope you like it, dear friends – certainly it was fun to write.

So, we return to carnage, bad manners, swordplay and arsekicking – Corin an Fol is back!
Poor Corin abandoned in the Permio Deserts after the quest for the crown. All he wants is to find his love, Shallon, but the road ahead is full of traps. It ain’t going to get any easier for our bad tempered mercenary.
The Glass Throne (the second chronicle) concludes the war with Caswallon; it introduces Vaarg the dragon, and Undeyna the witch. The friction between the rival sorcerers continues, as does the gods’ capricious meddling – in which Corin as always is stuck right in the middle.
Glass throne will be out next year. Before I can move on to it, (much as I want to and Corin also) I have to return to The Shattered Crown, my first book and pick up from the start. looking back there are now things I need to change. Not the plot, but nuances really – inject more humour, roughen some edges. The Shattered Crown was written a long time back – I was kind of focussing on Tolkien back then, but after seeing how the fantasy trend has coarsened, I need to add a dose of reality.

There is plenty of mysticism and wonder in the story and that won’t change. What will change is some of the dialogue and description. Corin has always been a strong character- but I’m making him meaner, tougher. His enemies Hagan and Rael are working well, as are good old Barin, Cailine and Shallan, (these two hellcats are set to take charge soon – poor Corin doesn’t stand a chance.) Shallon in particular is a character of depth – her story has only been hinted at as she arrived late into SC. There is small love between her and the princess – another thing I’m going to develope. Think friction – eye scratching and mean.

So – on target. Fall of Gol is selling. Haven, waiting for the lights to change green, and (new improved) Shattered Crown coming up fast. The Chronicles (concluding with The Return of Old Night) I want finished and out there by 2015. So – no slacking James Webb.