It’s kind of cathartic in a sense – going back yet again, seeing Corin an Fol make his woody descent down to Finnehalle, his village, as evening sun slips below western water.

I started writing The Shattered Crown back in the nineties, pen and paper, scribble and scrape. The story grew and grew, the characters all pressing me for bigger parts. I succumbed under pressure, hence SC morphed into Legends of Ansu, a wider story. This was represented for a while and things looked promising. Then the world changed 180, those things got confusing and Legends kind of dwindled for a time.

Upshot: I made the decision to delve back into Ansu’s darkest past – Fall of Gol was born. A bloody and complex love story, really – darker, focussing on primal passions, vengeance and deceit.With that now done, and after a short detour with The Haven (written for Rae and soon to be released,) I now feel ready to return to my first novel, once again titled: The Shattered Crown.

I renamed the coming trilogy Chronicles of Corin: The Shattered Crown, The Glass Throne and the Return of Old Night, will each be split in half for kindle format. hence 3 books 6 Ebooks. S.C is nearly there (out late summer) – just tweaking, increasing dialogue banter, and inserting more humour (which, on reflection, I think the first run lacked.) G.C (2014) and R.O.O.N (2015) are both loosely first drafted. So above ground finally with foundations strong. Now time for the scaffolding and blocks up to first level, then up up here we go! JW