The Shattered Crown

Corin an Fol is finally going home.

He dreams of finding the girl he once loved, settling down in a farm or cottage and putting down his sword. But when he gets home, he finds a land embroiled in war. The High King of Kelthaine has been murdered, and the enchanted crown shattered, allowing evil to return to the land in the form of a sorcerer named Caswallon. Corin finds himself knee-deep in war once again, helping the young, headstrong Queen of a neighboring land as she journeys on a quest to save her own realm. Together, they must find the rightful king of Kelthaine and restore the shattered crown, driving the evil sorcerer from the lands of Ansu forever. All the while, the old gods of Ansu are stirring, and they’re about to make life very difficult for Corin as he finds himself embroiled in a cosmic struggle to save the very soul of Ansu.



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The Lost Prince

Corin an Fol is no stranger to adventure, but even he’s getting tired of fighting.

Queen Ariane, Longswordsman Corin an Fol and friends, having narrowly sprung the trap in Crenna, sail south in pursuit of the lost prince, Tarin, and missing fragments of the crystal crown – the Tekara. Zallerak, a mysterious Warlock/bard, has joined their cause, informing them that Tarin is bound for the Permio Deserts, to seek the blind Smith-God who will re-forge the crown to redress his earlier crimes. Corin doesn’t trust Zallerak although the bard’s trickery has helped them twice. Despite Corin’s misgivings, Ariane believes their only hope now lies in taking the bard’s advice, and overtaking Tarin before Caswallon’s ally, the Sultan of Permio catches up with the prince. Meanwhile Rael the Assassin of Crenna is hot on their tail again. Furious at being fooled in his own castle, Rael has vowed to slay them all, except the queen who he will deliver in chains to Caswallon. Corin, for his part, has sworn to kill the Assassin and avenge the death of a friend. In Permio Ariane’s friend, the merchant Silon, meets with a desert chief in secret. Together they plot the downfall of the despised sultan. Silon knows that with Permio onside they can bring the fight back to Caswallon. But the usurper is informed of their various plans by his goblin spymaster, Gribble. And once again Caswallon’s net closes on Queen Ariane and her desperados.

The Glass Throne

Corin an Fol has returned from the desert with the renegade prince and the shattered crown reforged.

The Glass Throne is Book 4 in a stunning new fantasy series featuring unique sketches by Tolkien artist Roger Garland. With the crown whole again and the desert war won, Corin and his allies return north where another war has just started. Queen Ariane, having freed one city from the sorcerer Caswallon, discovers that attack a ploy, and the sorcerer’s second army has captured her capital, Wynais. With enemies on all sides and closing fast, Ariane decides to take the fight to Caswallon. Outnumbered and outmaneuvered Ariane’s forces cannot last long… Caswallon, hearing of his enemies success re-forging the crown, sends Vaarg the Dragon south to destroy them. During the attack Corin and friends are lost, Zallerak and Prince Tarin flee with the crown, while Corin and Tamersane stumble blindly into the mythical land of the Rorchai, a place where they are both expected and most unwelcome… As winter’s hold deepens throughout the Four Kingdoms, and Caswallon’s net tightens, Corin, Queen Ariane, Prince Tarin and Tamersane, find themselves not only fighting for survival but also for the continued existence of their world. Meanwhile, far to the north Shallan dreams of seeing her lover again, but she and Barin face a sea of foes as they cross troll-infested lands to reach the besieged city of Car Carranis. Corin has vowed to join her there but his chances look slimmer by the hour, and even if he survives the horrors sent against him how can he reach his beloved Shallan before that city falls?