She’ll keep him safe at any cost. He’ll make the kill at a moment’s notice. When destiny calls, whose heads will roll?

This book can be read as a page-devouring stand-alone.
Arraleen Caze’s rage knows no bounds. Quick to feed enemies to her pet panthers, the wealthy spymaster’s daughter is appalled when fools call for the destruction of her missing father’s land and the deaths of their people. So when her parent reappears, the arrogant assassin whisks him away from the impending carnage to plan their bloody revenge.

Gujun the Slayer’s options are rapidly shrinking. On the run after offing the vile emperor that hired him, the killers on his trail leave little room for rest. And with his hopes of an easy retirement now well out of reach, he has no qualms accepting a bounty for the infamous spymaster’s decapitation.

Escaping into neutral territory with her father in tow, Arraleen is incensed when they are double-crossed and given up to a powerful sorcerer. And the closer Gujun draws to his quarry, the more he wonders if he’s on the side of good or evil.

As fate dooms the two to fight blade-to-blade, will either emerge unscathed?

Dreamslayers is the action-packed first book in the Slayer epic fantasy series. If you like sharp-tongued characters, gritty landscapes, and pure vengeance, then you’ll love J.W. Webb’s whirlwind grimdark tale.



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Dealers in Death

He’s back safe, but they’re waiting to pounce. She fell from a cliff. We’ll not see her again.

Men call him the Slayer, but Gujun’s running out of options. Promised a villa with sea views he wants to retire, but word is the Shen emperor still desires his head. An ambush proves he has to keep moving. Rask Casparo has one task. Deliver the duke’s daughter, his fiery cousin, Shareze Atario to Ran Genza as his new bride. Should be easy for a man of his talents. But things go wrong fast in this world and a dark spiral of events leads the two renegade Raleenians straight into the path of the most feared man in the east. Gujun the Slayer.
And who’s that woman creeping about in the dark? And why are corpses turning up wherever she goes? Could it be the Dreamslayer has returned …? As war breaks out in Cardalan, Rask and his cousin are caught between rival factions, murderous assassins and the brutal Genza with his conniving servant, the sorcerer who’s about to unleash a horror from the past. Rask and Shareze are caught like bugs in a jar. How can they possibly survive?

Dealers in Death is the action-packed second book in the new Slayer epic fantasy trilogy. If you like sharp-tongued characters, gritty landscapes, and pure vengeance, then you’ll love J.W. Webb’s whirlwind grimdark tale.

Midnight Slayer

A Duke’s pardon and a new life in the west.

Things are looking up for our Slayer. But desert rumors speak of a woman with dark eyes and a bloody sword. A woman sworn to kill him.

Gujun likes Raleen, and the duke has given him and his new friends a straightforward task. Clean up the Peninsula where the robber barons defy their ruler. His kind of work. Should be fun. Meanwhile, across the Liaho River, two warlords converge on their enemy, Raleen and its hated duke, Cazar Atario. With them is a woman in black. Secretive and deadly, a gifted killer. They say she’s a djinn conjured up from the dark winds. She goes by the name of the Dreamslayer. Time is running out for Duke Cazar as the Permian hordes plan invasion and the robber barons raid from the other direction. And can he trust his men? Especially the newcomers led by the former assassin who’s determined to play things his own way. The man they call Gujun the Slayer.

And what of the terrible owl woman who fills his nights with screams?