Gray Wolf

When he sees red, this berserker isn’t afraid of blood on his hands. Hopefully, none of it is his.

Corin an Fol has no trouble channeling rage. So the moody teen angrily leaps into action to warn his people when a gang of murderous pirates launches an attack on their town. But when it’s too little too late, his veins course with red-hot hatred after he watches in horror as his father dies beneath a raider’s axe.

Injured and nursed back to health from the skirmish by a mysterious celestial woman, Corin vows the blackguards that broke his family will pay for their sins. So consumed by revenge and with his sister still missing, the would-be warrior joins an elite regiment… and marches full-tilt into his dark and deadly destiny.

Can the wayward youth save what’s left of his kin, or will he be buried along with his wrath?

Gray Wolf is the pulse-pounding first book in the Legends of Ansu fantasy series. If you like a mix of drama and myth, biting humor, and clashing swords, then you’ll love J.W. Webb’s swashbuckling rescue mission.



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Legends of the Longsword

Corin an Fol’s problems have just begun.

When his boss’ daughter is kidnapped, Corin must get her back – or else. One slight wrinkle: he’s been having a secret affair with the boss’ daughter, and he’s equally dead if the boss finds out. His mission leads him on a dangerous journey into the desert country of Permio, where Corin will face off with shapeshifters, back alley thieves, allies that can’t always be trusted, and a Djinn assassin. If Corin can’t defeat her, he risks losing more than just his life. He’s got a big sword and a bad attitude, but will it be enough to get out alive? Only the gods know.

Wolves and Assassins

Connivers, Cutthroats, and Kings. Mercenary’s mission: Avoid the first, kill the second and save the third.

Sounds easy. King Nogel of Kelwyn seeks to hunt in his forests unaware that a crazed killer is after his head. Mercenary Corin an Fol is summoned north to protect the king. Enter the trap. Corin soon realizes someone from his past is out to get him first. Corin, having escaped disaster in the desert, returns to Raleen and finds Silon waiting for him. Again, promised gold, he makes for the Woods between the Waters in a far corner of Kelwyn. Someone is killing nobles up there. Word’s out the king’s next. Silon suspects Caswallon’s hand, believing that schemer wants King Nogel dead to secure his rise to power. A vicious gang of outlaws is operating in the vicinity. Corin’s task: watch them and wait. Report back. Do nothing rash! So much for good advice… Wolves and Assassins is the concluding book in the Mercenary Trilogy featuring Corin an Fol, a man chosen by the gods to walk a dark path. The novel is the latest book in a stunning new fantasy series called Legends of Ansu. If you like tough action featuring gritty characters set to a vivid fantasy backdrop of war, and vengeance, then you are going then you going to love this new tale by JW Webb.Get your copy of Wolves and Assassins (paperback or Kindle) to begin reading this exciting series today!