Blood Feud

An epic tale of magic, revenge and power begins.

Jaran Saerk is an exile from the North, driven out of his homeland by a sorceress who killed his father. He came of age while serving as a warrior in the armies of the Imperial Shen, but he’s never forgotten his vow to avenge his family and take back what is rightfully his. Recently captured and made a slave, Savarna hides a dark secret and doesn’t plan on staying in chains for long. She wants to escape, slip inside the Golden Palace and kill the Empress of Shen. When she meets the exiled warrior from the North, she finally may have her chance. Finvar the Droll, who claims to be a retired thief, insists he can help Jaran in his quest to regain his kingdom. But whose side is this trickster really on? As mighty nations ready for war, enemies surround the trio on all sides. They must unite not simply to stay alive, but also to fulfill their quest: Kill the witch Sheega before she destroys them all.



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The Giants’ Dance

Three against the witch–the struggle for survival continues as war erupts in Shen

Fooled by Sheega, their enemy, Jaran Saerk and Finvar Droll must find Savarna. The witch has imprisoned her in the frozen realms. Only with Savarna’s demon spirit onside can the Northman warrior and former thief hope to win. But Sheega is expecting them and holding Savarna as bait. In the depth of her ice caverns, the witch has spawned a new terror to confront Jaran Saerk. The changeling Scard will stop at nothing to kill him.

As the terrible warlord Calla invades Shen, Savarna’s twin brother, Vian must choose between saving his sister or helping the woman he loves–their former enemy-the Shen Empress, Rasnei. The woman Vian promised Savarna he’d kill.

Will Vian help his free sister or let her die?

Can Jaran reach Savarna before that witch takes her soul?

Shadow of the White Bear

Time runs short as battle rages. She holds all the cards. He must kill that witch soon or lose everything…

As Jaran and Savarna reach his island, Valkador, the witch prepares for their welcome. Sheega has new allies, including the vile trickster, Lofhi, who has a hold over their friend. Finvar has sworn to betray Jaran at the last full moon. Before that happens, they must defeat the giant Gorvaron and Sheega’s other demons.

A world away war rages in Shen. Savarna’s twin Vian holds the key to save his empress and her city. But dare he unleash his dragon again? As the enemy attacks, Vian knows they can’t hold out for long. And where is Savarna when he needs her most? Torn between love and survival, Vian must make his choice else lose everything he values.

Two moons must pass before our heroes dare strike the final blow. But can Jaran, Savarna and Vian survive that long?

Shadow of the White Bear is the heart-wrenching conclusion to The Berserker Trilogy.