GOL: The Series Prequel

A vengeful warlock unleashes a cataclysmic evil. Will their greed-driven land heed the warnings… or burn?

Lissane Barola’s dreams are fading fast. Unwillingly betrothed to a pompous brute for political reasons, the baron’s daughter knows her power-hungry father would never approve of her love of a commoner. But she’s horrified when he enlists her awful brothers to batter her beloved into a bloody, lifeless pulp.

Erun Cade’s soul thrives on poetry and high-court fantasies. Yet mere words are little help to the blacksmith’s son when he’s tortured and left for dead by his sweet flame’s vicious family. Revived by a mystic saddling him with a deadly mission, he longs to be back with the proud woman who holds his heart, but a far more pressing danger looms on the horizon…

Desperate to move on and find happiness, Lissane loses hope as it’s ripped into shreds by continued betrayal and death. And after enduring punishing training with an elite battalion, Erun musters but one thought for his home after witnessing an elemental demon’s maelstrom of destruction: If he doesn’t warn them, everybody will die.

Can the star-crossed lovers reunite and deliver their realm from utter annihilation?

Gol is the breathtaking prequel to the Legends of Ansu fantasy series. If you like twisted webs of passion, epic tapestries, and staggering battles, then you’ll adore J.W. Webb’s thrilling ride into war.



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