His parents murdered by raiders and his childhood love lost to drinking and wildness, Corin an Fol’s only desire is to escape his troubled past. But the meddling gods have other ideas for this former mercenary and rebel. The Witch at the Ford urges Corin seek out his ‘real’ father in the mountains, and on returning to his village, Corin finds Silon the Merchant waiting for him with dire news of the High King’s death and the loss of his Crystal Crown.

Set against Corin are spirits, goblins, dragons, sorcerers, rival mercenaries, and worst of all, Caswallon’s ace hand — the master assassin Rael of Crenna. Aided by Queen Ariane’s champion and the giant, Barin, Corin an Fol must journey over land and sea, cross dimensions and fight numerous foes before he is ready to face his nemesis at Laras Lassladden the island that shifts through space and time.