Their age-old reign destroyed by sorcery and war. A young queen must steer her people through the wreckage left behind. Queen Ariane trusts her dreams, so listens when a sorceress calls out to her from the void. Ysaren warns the queen must find her missing cousin, Lord Tamersane who vanished after the war. Feared lost in the hostile City of the Clouds. He alone has the strength to wield the legendary bow of Kerasheva against the power-crazed emperor of Ptarni. Determined, Ariane sends Captain Garland to find her lost kinsman deep in the heart of enemy country. But Garland and his men vanish in a maze of witchcraft, illusion and treachery. Ariane worries she has sent them to their death. Now she must conquer her own demons before she can face this new enemy head-on. The Emerald Queen is volume seven in the epic fantasy series Legends of Ansu. If you like gritty characters, magic and mystery, woven into witty dialogue and fast-paced plot, then you going to love this latest book by JW Webb. Pick up The Emerald Queen to discover this exciting new series today.