Ley Lines: Earth Magic or Weird Science?

There is a place called Asbury in OxfordshireEngland close to the  Wiltshire border. A pretty village flanked to the south by steep green downs. A brisk 5-minute walk to the top of those downs and you find yourself up on The Ridgeway, one of Britain’s ancient paths. It’s peaceful and quiet there, the sort of place where your soul can ‘steep’ (or take time out) as you amble toward the eerie wuthering trees of Wayland’s Smithy and on beyond to Dragon’s Hill, where the famous Uffington White Horse guards the north facing slopes of the Marlborough Downs.

The Ridgeway is part of a Ley Line or spiritual and mystical alignment of landforms. These invisible tracks run arrow straight throughout Britain and indeed the world. The one I’m most familiar with is St Michael’s Ley running from St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall to Great Yarmouth in East Anglia and beyond. Along the way are many interesting stops: Glastonbury, BrentorAvebury, Arbor-Low and Bury St Edmunds where the ley line passes through the graveyard and I can tell you that’s a spooky place after dark.oldman-3Ley Lines run between places steeped in earth magic. One such, Brentor Knoll lies just to the west of Dartmoor in Devon. Like Glastonbury and the Burrowmump in Somerset, the hill is crowned by a church. The early Christians knew how the Pagans revered these places so they built a holy place on top to ensure the Word of God smothered the echoes of past heathen rites.

There are many theories about Ley Lines, but having visited most of the places mentioned above and walked alone along The Ridgeway and other ancient paths, I believe in that Earth Magic and can find solitude and peace in its mystical aura. Sometimes we just have to be reminded how small we are and how multi-faceted our beautiful world is. Life’s an iceberg; we only see the tip. Though occasionally we get a glimpse of ‘What Lies Beneath,’ –– apropos, loved that movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford, so evocative and creepy, but forgive me I digress 🙂

Want to know more about Ley Lines? Read this terrific blog article from Ancient Origins  about St Michael’s Ley Line

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Weekly Fantasy Series: Episode 6–– Beneath the Horned Moon.

nextCorin covered Ugami’s mouth with one hand as he sawed the cleaver through his neck with the other. He held Big Ugly’s quivering body still until it settled limp, and he allowed it rest by the fire. Corin glanced up; the other six were snoring happily, empty wineskins and chicken bones strewn about the campsite.

Corin’s probing eyes saw the distant hump of blanket that hid Krugan from view. He stole from the fire, silently, carefully, leaving those sleepers be as he approached his quarry in the dark.

Overhead the horned moon watched his advance from a clear black sky. Corin crouched beside the sleeping brigand, close by the horses shuffled where they’d been tied to thorn brush at the edge of the camp. Corin grinned as he saw Clouter hanging from a saddle stacked next to the beasts.

First, though… Krugan blinked and then gasped as he stared into the steel-hard eyes of his killer. Ugami’s cleaver sent Krugan’s head rolling across to the fire. It nudged the edge of one of the blankets huddled there. Someone grumbled a shuffle followed then silence resumed. Corin let out a long slow sigh. He glanced around, saw a half-filled wineskin and retrieved it with a snatch. 136cd733-8f76-45d3-9aa8-4fa787843533

Corin slung the saddle with Clouter swinging from it over the largest horse. He tied it off and then slid himself onto the beast’s back. Once there, Corin urged the mare across to the other steeds. Corin sliced their reins allowing them wander and took a long swig of wine as he guided the horse back down the hill away from the camp.

Corin could have done for the other lads, but they’d done nothing to him. ‘Do as you would be done by’ someone once said somewhere. He let them be, which, on reflection proved the wrong decision. All six caught up with him one week later in The Green Duck in the grubbiest corner of darkest Cappel Cormac.sword-deco

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