Okay it’s been awhile, and yes, I’m sorry about that. No excuses. Just been knee deep in tucking in the corners at The Glass Throne, (now at Editing HQ.) And, (exciting stuff this!) I’ve been studying the dark and medieval art of the Email Newsletter, (Thank you Arial Burnz!)

So. Now that’s out the way here’s the thing. See the new covers above? Yeah, I know you’d rather keep looking at those than read this old chat. But, my friends, do they not rock? Aren’t they just beautiful? I have the fabulous Ravven to thank for these. For anyone needing a fantasy book cover artist she’s your gal!

But it’s not just the book covers. Beyond them lies a brimming treasure trove of bespoke maps, images and sketches like the castle below. All created by Roger Garland the Tolkien illustrator, whose support and advice over the years has helped define this series, enabling  Legends of Ansu stand out from the crowd as something truly special. Thanks Roger!

Point to above Being. A myriad shapes combine and slot together creating the right book that sells as a ‘successful indie’ in this rapidly changing market. Unless you’re some ‘wiz goblin, nerd, super-hero, underpants-outside-vest, kinda guy/gal’ at marketing, promo, producing and selling, (I’m not!) You need to invest in the right people, thus lighting a slow, long steady fuse to blow apart the virtual gates at Amazon Towers.


I’m working on doing just that. Prising open a gap with my sonic screwdriver and shoving my arm through. Progress is a lovely word. It’s taken time and patience, and I don’t do patience well. There’s been some shipwrecks, and I’ve grounded and bottomed out upon occasion. Trusted the wrong folks.

But thanks to the solid councel of Laurence and co at BGS and the canny advice and encouragement of bestselling Vampire Author Arial Burnz And the prompt professionalism and eagle eyes of Debbi Stocco and Julia Proofreader I feel this ship is now sailing clear waters into New Horizons.

So my message is this to all you fellow indies. ‘Don’t Give Up’ as Kate Bush sang in the Peter Gabriel 80’s hit. ‘Go boldly forward’ alone, but please do take time to invest in the right people. ‘If you build it they will come!’ But you have to find them first. Be grateful for your thoughts!

2013-11-27 20.20.47

Next week it’s Queen Ariane turn. She’s stuck in some creepy wood with owls blinking over her head, and dark things lurking and plotting her end. Let’s see how she fares! For more about Ariane, Corin and the rest of the crew call in at Legends of Ansu