Okay, first up I apologise for being absent for so long, (over a year – where has the time gone?). To use the word hectic is to understate. But enough nonsense, I’ll cut to the quick. Corin and company have finally crawled out of those woods. They’ve a few scars, cuts and bites – mostly awarded by Queen AriFeatured imageane,  (featured right of page in faerie mode).

This blog kicks off J.W.Webb’s Blogfest. A series of ‘weekly waffles’ about writing fantasy, shed building, distant galaxies; oh, and decent English ale. (So happy I can get London Pride in my local bottle shop). I will be scribbling stuff every wednesday afternoon. I’m based in Georgia now, so will most likes add the odd, ‘y’all’ and ‘just saying.’  There will also be the occasional, ‘me lover,’ to appease my Cornish friends.

From now on every third blog will feature one of the cast starring in ‘Legends.’ They bullied me into doing this – as though rampaging through a book series wasn’t enough! As I’ve mentioned before they’re a rough lot, so I had to comply. Barin the Northman gets to go first, (mainly because he’s bigger and meaner than everyone else). But each leading ‘star’ will have an opportunity to vent about their role in Legends of Ansu. Barin’s already told me he’s going to explain a bit about his past, the berserkergang rage, that tricky business with Helga Threebolts – the witch on Ice Mountain. Can’t wait. He also wanted to mention his dandruff issues, but I managed to steer him away from that.

Before I conclude this week, I’d like to thank a few people who have assisted me along the way. Each person mentioned below has helped enable Corin and Company find a way out of that tangle of thorny woodland – my head. Here they are:

Roger Garland, Tolkien Illustrator, http://www.lakeside-gallery.com for the many beautiful sketches and images, maps etc. And for designing my terrific website http://legendsofansu.com Roger has been an inspiration and I cannot thank him enough. Faerie Queen above is an example of his work.

Catherine Romano, my brilliant editor who, whilst taking time out from her proper job at the Wall Street Journal, has helped reshape ‘Legends’ from an unwieldy sprawl to a tightly plotted, definative read.

Next up, Julia Gibbs @ProofreadJulia for her eagle-eyed comma whacking. Julia has worked on three of my books and is currently delving into the fourth. She has always been upbeat, concise and professional, and her advice and suggestions re Twitter are much appreciated.

Debbi Stocco http://MyBookDesigner.com for her great work formatting Gol, The Haven, and The Shattered Crown. Also her advice and suggestions re publishing the novels.

Thank you all!

The next blog will go out wednesday August 12th. See you then! J.W.W.