The trouble with Corin is that it’s always someone elses fault. Sure it’s been a rough life what with him being an orphan and all. Then he goes and joins the Wolves – a regiment well known (and well despised) comprising every cuthroat, cutpurse and general nuisance.

Of course he excels in his role of chief havoc operative with that nasty long blade of his. But our boy lacks patience, falls out with the long people. That temper of his…

I mean has anyone else been thrown out of the Wolves, (most are thrown in.) And then there’s Silon and his daughter. (not Corin’s fault.) Five lucrative years bashing people for the merchant – easy work, nice work and in the sunshine too. Then that floozy insist he share the bath with her. Dark-eyed Nalissa just standing grinning and all starkers too . What was he supposed to do – call for assistance?

Then, of course, the argument with Nalissa’s dad (merchants have no sense of humour): the long trek north, the weird wild homecoming. I mean does anyone else get spooked by bog fairies up trees, old men with crows on shoulder, and nasty doggy things in hoods? ‘Nuff said. Suffice to know this boy’s got attitude.

I happened upon Corin an Fol whilst driving a truck. I’d park up, find a watering hole and watch from the corner those shady creatures frequenting the bar. So I kinda found Corin in a bar, a dark gloomy bar with that big sword of his getting stuck in the oaky beams. There’s always a fight – every time. Our boy’s just misunderstood.

Then came Corin’s home – Finnehalle, (pronounced finny hally to those pedantic enough to give a…) His country, Fol – a sticky out despised bit on the end of a great noble cluster of kingdoms. His world I called Ansu – I don’t know why. What I do know is that its populated with all manner of ghastliness – and a few nice types too (you know, afternoon tea and stuff.)

It started with Shattered Crown (I won’t divulge the plot coz I don’t want you, dearest reader, to get over excited.) Shattered Crown became Legends of Ansu and for a time sold as an eBook. But Ansu is a big place and the tales kept coming.So realising SC was going to morph into something major, I trawled back a 1,000 years and wrote Fall of Gol – a prehistory of what’s to come.

Fall of Gol is now the first of the nine Legends comprising the Legends of Ansu series. Chronicles of Corin – (6 episodes, 2 written and in edit country, 4 to follow on) will become the second Legend. Another seven Legends will follow and then I’ll write something twee about furry rabbits.

Life has been rather busy but its all good. I now share office with my beloved, (code name Mindy) in lovely Georgia whilst keeping the old office in Cornwall, England. This is another building block year, honing, polishing – getting everything spot on. SC will be available later 2014 – I promise! Main pitch is for Dragon Con 2015.

Finally I’d like to thank three people: Catherine Romano for the great critiques and editing, Julia Gibbs @proofreadjulia for her relentless comma nailing, and Roger Garland of Lakeside Gallery, for his help, advice, and of course the great illustrations that will head each chapter throughout Chronicles of Corin.

Finally I’d like to thank you for reading this. I’ll be blogging week friday and then every other week. I know I promised this before but there’s been issues. But now I’m on it.

So – have a great weekend!