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Pantheon and Peoples of Ansu

  The Weaver   The High Gods Cul-Saan: First Born, Old Night, the Shadowman. Elanion: The Guardian, The Emerald Queen, Scaffa, Laniol. Oroonin: The Wanderer, the Traveler, Gurn, the Ferryman, Irulan, Macroft. Borian of the Winds Telcanna the Sky God Croagon the Smith Sensuata Sea God, aka Zansuat.   Lesser Gods Crun Earth Shatterer: a chaos giant Undeyna: aka Sheega the Ice Witch Simiolanis: her twin sister. Argonwui the Hunter, Poor Aggy, Agarra the Destroyer, banished and vanished the youngest [...]


Mythology of Ansu

The Weaver/Maker weaved the World-Thread. Ansu was the first world, beloved and gifted by his children, the High Gods. Home of Oroonin and Elanion before they fell out.     The First Born, Saan, persuaded his siblings that the Weaver was negligent of their needs, having moved on to create other galaxies. Saan led a rebellion against the Maker of Worlds. Crushed by the Weaver, who although angered, forgave his wayward children, and moved on to fashion yet more worlds [...]


Whispers in the Wind

http://bit.ly/ThisBeastBites The Rise Of The Audio Book I love books, always have. Logical that for a writer, I suppose. But recently I've found less time for reading. There are so many distractions these days. Everyone is busy, moving around, the phone buzzing, emails pinging, apps updating, new shows on Netflix––always something else tugging your sleeve for attention when you reach for that kindle. Not to mention the demon cat swinging from the Christmas tree. Yes, it's that time of year [...]


Otherworldly Murmers – The Darkness Rises From Within

Glimmer-Realms and Echoes Halloween, or rather All Hallows Eve is the gateway into the other side. The place we cannot go until it's our time to pass, and then can never return––except by shadow-visit or brief haunting glimpse. That chill whisper down a windy tunnel as you wait for a night train. The white shape floating at the edge of your vision. Hints and hunches. The cold warning tingle running down your back. All are echoes and glimmers of that [...]


The Voice of the Warrior

Some Clarity On Corin's Journey Through The Decades It started back in 2001, (actually before then - but we'll commence with that year, the first of this hazy millennium.) Corin was around somewhere, his faint outline scribbled on biro, sometimes pencil, along with maps of his world - the continuously evolving Ansu. Back then, Corin was just a mournful dude walking through a wood at night, strange creepy things following, and owls and stuff - always owls and stuff. I [...]


Inside the Mirror

A Tale of Witchery, Enchantment and loss Today I want to shed a little extra light on the new release-- The Emerald Queen, which is now available for purchase as an eBook on Amazon.com and .co.uk and will be available with other retailers soon, and as a paperback. I've also got a taster at the end of this post. Okay- So what's this one about? Legends of Ansu #7 is a tale of entanglement and deception, war and treachery. Seven years have [...]


The Enchantress by the lake

A Taste of what's come... My new novel The Emerald Queen will be available in two weeks. With that in mind I decided to divert from my usual fantasy/myth subjects, and share a snippet from the new book. And, there's more coming... The next book in the series, The Legends of the Longsword, will be available on January 10th––so I'll be sharing a scene from that one in a few weeks. Book 2 in the new Mercenary Trilogy stars Corin [...]


Land of Myth

And Celtic Dreams I used to drive a milk tanker at night, and through early mornings, leave the depot on Bodmin Moor in a veil of mist and murk, drive for two hours until I reached the rugged lands surrounding Lands End, and St Michael's Mount (Pictured below.) A different life, a distant time. Driving through that land was like dipping your toes in another realm. The dairies were remote, tucked away in deep forgotten corners. Old granite farmhouses that have [...]


Way Back Then

Another Time, Another Place... Those words come from an art piece featuring The Rolling Stones by Rodney Matthews whose stunning work can be viewed from his new website here For me the words also convey a deeper mood, a memory of a time, quite recent –– yet so very long ago. I'm talking about the 1970's. No cellphones, no wi-fi, and no emails or blogs like this one. Truly... 'Another Time, Another Place.' As a teenager back then, and an avid [...]


It’s In The Trees!

It's Coming! The words in the title and heading above are from the creepy 1950's movie –– The Night of the Demon, a Dana Andrews classic and one of my favorite early supernatural/horror movies. Those words were also used by the fabulous Kate Bush of 'Wuthering Heights' fame, introducing her track –– Hounds of Love. Kate is huge in England –– a legend. But I don't think she's that well known in the States. She's great –– check her out! [...]

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